Dryer Vent Cleaning

The main reasons for dryer vent cleaning:

  • Fabrics taking forever to dry
  • Potential lint fires
  • Higher utility bill

Water damage inside walls from blockages and nowhere for the moisture to go. Clothes dryers require an open pathway to vent the hot air, moisture and gases resulting from drying clothing.

This pathway, the dryer duct, can become blocked by lint accumulation due to any of several factors – normal lint build-up over time, duct too narrow, duct too long, too many turns, etc. Sometimes there can be a mechanical blockage such as a bird nest in the duct.

In any case, the duct must be cleaned in order to exhaust the approximate two to three litres of water per average laundry load.

Most dryer manufacturers, such as Maytag, recommend that residential dryer ducts be cleaned annually for fire-prevention and energy-saving reasons.

How we clean dryer vents:

First we clean the inside of the dryer with compressed air and a vacuum. Then we pull out the dryer (if necessary) and clean the transition hose that goes from the dryer to the wall duct. Then we run our reverse skipper ball line and brushes through the dryer duct forcing all the lint and debris outside. If it is accessible, we check out the route of the dryer duct either in your crawlspace or attic. Dryer vent cleaning usually takes 30-45 minutes.

Property managers of condos or townhouses:

Many of our clients are property managers of apartments and condominium units requesting group rate pricing, which we are happy to provide. We have done dryer vent cleaning for many of the large property management companies in Victoria as well as many small stratas. Our pricing is competitive and our service is exceptional.

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I just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with the company you chose to do the dryer vent cleaning. The people were quick, efficient, careful and tidy. They were also very pleasant, courteous and polite. I hope you choose them next time their services are required. And of course they did a great job! (A letter to the property manager)
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